• Grundfos wet ends – various capacities
  • Franklin and Grunfos motors 220V and 380V – various kilowatts
  • Franklin and Grundfos 220V control boxes
  • Submersible cabling
  • Waterproof joint kits
  • Wellzarc filter (designed by the Pump & Irrigation Centre) fits onto borehole pump using a heat shrink unit to prevent borehole debris from entering the wet end and serves as a cooling sleeve for the motor.
  • External filters also sold – contain either internal disc or screens.



  • Booster and pressure pump of various capacities to supply the required water volume and pressure to irrigation systems and homes.
  • Automation kits – pressure vessels with pressure switch or flow control unit to automate the booster pump i.e. when water is required these unit will automatically switch the pump on and when water is not required the pump is automatically shut off.



Used for borehole and booster pump control panels viz:

  • Circuit breakers and isolators – 380V and 220V – various amperage.
  • Starter units
  • Lightning/surge arrestors
  • Overload protection
  • Dry running protection
  • Level detector switches
  • 24V relays
  • 220V – 24V and 380V – 24V transformers
  • Phase monitors
  • Fibre glass enclosures to house electrical components and indoor irrigation timers.



  • To cater for all drainage requirements – from clean water to sewerage applications.
  • All sump pumps consists of a level detector switch that is responsible for automating the pump i.e. when the water reaches a certain level in the sump the pump will automatically switch on and once the sump is empty the pump will switch off.
  • We also stock grinder pump for sludge and solid material requirements.



  • Various makes and models of pump to cater from small to large water features and ponds with or without fish.
  • External filters with UV lights to cater for fish ponds.
  • Clear tubing available to connect water feature pumps to features and nozzles.
  • Various feature nozzles available.
  • Clear pond cartridges available – to keep pond clear by collecting algae.



  • High density piping – various sizes and 6, 10 and 12 bar pressure rated – used for supply water from municipal supply points and pumps – under pressure all the time – use plasson fittings to connect and joint piping.
  • Low density piping – various sizes and 3 and 6 bar pressure rated – used for supplying water to sprinklers – not under pressure all the time – use sprayline grip fittings for irrigation use or nylon insert fitting for 6 bar rated piping.
  • PVC piping – various sizes – 12 bar pressure rated with PVC 12 bar rated fittings.


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